House System


Each  Student  and  Staff  member  will  belong to  one  of  the  four houses.  The  houses have  been  named  after inspirational  people  from Birmingham:  Poutney,  Jones,  Cadbury and  Brady.
Tutor  time  will  be  in  house  teams  and  the  groups  will  have  a mixture  of  all years  (vertical)  the  older  students are  expected  to take  on  a  supportive  peer mentor  role.
Throughout  the  year  there  will  be  many  inter-house competitions such  as:  sporting events,  spelling,  maths, public  speaking,  music and  the  arts,  house  bake  offs, attendance  and  business  and enterprise.  Healthy competition  is  encouraged!
All  competitions  will  contribute  to  the  house  shield  which  will be  awarded  to  the winning  house  with  their prize  in  the  last weekc of  summer  term.
Each  house  will  decide  at  the  beginning  of  the  year which charity they  will support  and  devise  and  run  events through  the  year  to raise  as  much  money  as  they can.

Bradey – Karen Bradey

Karen  has  many  links  with  Birmingham.  She  is  an  English  sporting executive, politician,  television  broadcaster, newspaper  columnist, author  and  novelist.  She is the former  managing  director  of Birmingham  City  Football Club  and  currently  lives  in Solihull.  She features  in  the  BBC  One  series  ‘The  Apprentice’  as  an  aide  to Lord Sugar.  She  is  the  Small  Business  Ambassador  to  the  UK Government  under  Prime Minister  David  Cameron.

George – Karl  George

Karl  was  raised  in  Birmingham  and  attended  Handsworth  Grammar School,  where  he stayed  until  the  end  of his  A  levels.  He  then trained  as  an  accountant  and  formed his  first  business  at  the tender  age  of  23.  He  has established  a  number  of initiatives, including  starting  the  first  international  chapter  of  an  American
mentoring initiative  here  in  the  UK.  An  outstanding  member  of  his community,  Karl was  awarded  an  MBE  in  2004.  He  is now  an  award winning  business  man  and  is highly  sought  after  on  the  public speaking  circuit.

Jones – Digby  Jones

Born  in  Birmingham,  he  was  educated  at  Bromsgrove  school  where he was  Head  Boy. After  graduation  from University  College  London,  he worked  for  20  years  at  Edge &  Ellison,  a  firm  of  lawyers based  in  Birmingham.  He is  a  British  businessman and  politician, who  has  served  as  Director  General  of  the  CBI.  He  was  gazetted as a peer  on  10  July  2007  as  Baron  Jones  of  Birmingham,  of Alvechurch  and  of Bromsgrove  in  the  County  of Worcestershire,  and took  his  seat  in  the  House  of  Lords that  same  day.

Poutney ‐ Gerry  Poutney
Gerry  is  a  local  man – well  known  throughout  the  city ‐ a  firm supporter  of  the school.  He  is  an  entrepreneur who  trained  as  a builder  and  formedhis  own  company. When  the  recession hit  he started  again  and  now  has several  businesses  in Birmingham. He  is a proud  father  of  7.

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